This folder contains UNOFFICIAL builds of the SoX (Sound eXchange) audio tool with DSD support and other patches (including both DSF & DFF I/O and SDM sox "effect" to convert from PCM to DSD) by Måns Rullgard, as obtained from his git repository:

git clone

Linux binaries (for 32 and 64 bit systems) have been built and linked "semi-statically", with minimum possible external dependencies, so that they should be usable on just about any contemporary Linux system.

Two versions of windows executable are provided. One was cross-compiled on Linux using "mingw-64" (gcc), the other have been built on windows using MSVC (M$ compiler).

There are also binaries for MacOS/X and FreeBSD.

Even more may be added in the future. Download them here:

Though they can be used for any purpose you see fit, these binaries have been produced mainly to be used from within LMS and its "C-3PO" plugin by Marco Curti:

C-3PO Transcoding Helper

paired with his modified version of Squeezelite, "R2":

C-3PO LMS Plugin e Squeezelite-R2: obiettivi e limiti del progetto

DSD in LMS con SOX

(sorry, mostly Italian language. Try translate)

Read more:

SoX supporta DSD

Note Libere: la casa di C-3PO plugin e Squeezelite-R2

Guida a Logitech Media Server, Squeezelite e derivati

Argomenti correlati (installazione e configurazione dei relativi software e OS):

Easy Audio Setup: installazione guidata di sistemi audio HQ

Gentoo: Installazione PC Server (HQPlayer, LMS ) e PC Player (NAA, Mpd, Squeezelite-R2)


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